I like so many have been upset about the change going on in our government.  It reminds me too much of the history I studied of the rise of Hitler. The people involved have espoused ideas and comments that revolved around his  same thoughts in his rise to power. The idea of  something like that happening again are completely unacceptable.

I wonder just how much history young people are learning ? As a teenager I became entrenched with not allowing that to happen again . It was my pledge and part of the core of who I am to not just sit back and let  that obscenity happen again. So when the buzz words that got tossed around on camera for all to see in this election it stirred a fire in my heart.

So the next few months will be difficult at best for our country. So many have the same fears about the things Mr Trump and his appointees have said in the past.  It does not inspire confidence that the country built on freedom for all citizens will survive. There are fundamental freedoms that our country was founded on that I would hate to see changed.

The vote count is ongoing, approaching two million votes  for HRC in excess of Mr. Trumps actual vote total. The system needs to be made to make the electoral college have to follow the will of the voters at large. It is no longer thirteen tiny colonies , but fifty states with millions of people to vote. If the election doesn’t have to reflect our vote then we really are just pawns in their games. It’s not really a government of , by and for the people. There isn’t representation of we the people, it’s all just a show to keep us in line.

So let’s see what happens , but where do we draw the line in what we will not accept?  When the Nazis took over they decided that certain people were not acceptable , the Jews, Gypsies,homosexuals,  people of color, handicapped, and the elderly. Today you could substitute Muslims, Mexicans and see the same thing happening.

I am handicapped, the caretaker of my elderly mother and my brother the mentally ill veteran.  I am mother of a bisexual daughter the grandmother of  half Hispanic grandchildren. I am married to a man who has worked hard since he was just a little boy, who has never had a vacation in his life. We both come from poor families. I am the descendant of indentured slaves  (seventeen generations later ) who came to earn a living in a new world where we all could be equal, none better than the next. I am America….



Oh Forrest , look at this..


Do you remember my long winded ideas about the origins of myths and storytelling? If only I had the way with words this scientific investigator does. But they have those little letters after their names , so it must mean something ? LOL


Enjoy the read. I did !

Prayers appreciated


My beautiful daughter in law  and son needs prayers if you would please.

She has a blood clot in her lung from her recent c section.  They are clear across the country from us. I feel a bit helpless at the moment. Keep them in your prayers please.

My Treasure


I am going to take a moment to brag about my beautiful grand babies. It’s my right as an old crone to crow about the next generation. When we look at our progeny and theirs how can we ever question that there is hope for human life ?  See the beauty in their innocence and the love in their eyes. We had a small hand in something astounding .

I am pleased to announce the birth of Abigail Jillian shown with her big brother Abraham , age 3.  This is the treasure of our lives, more valuable than gold could ever be. Welcome home my beautiful child !

Mom always said


If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything.

To share with others just because it feels good to do good.

That it’s important not to tell lies about anyone.

There is good inside everyone, you just have to look harder for it in some.


Hey, I keep looking ! I just am not finding it.


Getting Thrilled Again


I have been doing some more thinking about that poem with no name . I hope that I am getting better at trying to understand what it is telling us. That first stanza is very important to me. It seems so benign causing people to discard it as useless information. I just don’t believe it means nothing. There was something that bothered me about that stanza. Why would ff feel compelled to tell us he went alone ? Wouldn’t that be a given if , “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”?  I am taking this a different way.

The only things ff has ever told us was that the treasure was hidden in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. What if this first stanza is used to narrow down the area? Alone stands out. A stand alone mountain in the Rocky Mountains . He put it right there for us to see but we couldn’t see it for the simplicity of the poem.

I also believe the poem has a title but he didn’t put it out there because it would tell us exactly where to go. It’s a simple idea but complex and brilliant at the same time. I am hoping that I am finally starting to get a handle on how to solve this.  I hope others are also because even if I have the right idea, I may have the wrong area. (laughing at myself).

I am uncertain as to if we will be able to get out this year . My daughter has some major surgery coming up on May 11th and a second surgery on the 25th of May. She has had so many problems with medications , anesthesia , and antibiotics over the last few years. She is allergic to so many meds that we are running out of choices to use . It’s terrifying to see someone you love going into anaphylactic shock .My beautiful daughter deserves for things to go better for her. Hopefully these surgeries will allow her to have a more normal life once again. It’s tough watching her start all over again . Meg will be with us as long as she needs  and wants to be.

I am still watching over my mom and brother. Mom is still in her own home, for now. It’s her choice ,  as long as we can make it work. My brother has a form of dementia and is now in a nursing home. That’s the hardest part to see. He doesn’t understand anymore.  He isn’t capable of making decisions and I feel like his jailer but the alternative is he would be homeless and mentally ill on the streets of Albuquerque. That is not a good thing to be. It weighs heavy on me.

So maybe this year we will get out, I am hoping ! Only time will tell. I enjoy hearing what others are thinking and doing, it gets my mind off the tough stuff . So if you are reading this Forrest, yes I think about it all the time. Life just keeps getting in the way of my thoughts. Family always comes first, that’s forever. 🙂